3 Myths – Why Talented People Don’t Create YouTube Channel

3 Myths – Why Talented People Don’t Create YouTube Channel

With my own experience and what I hear from many people, here are the 3 myths because of which some of the talented people are not YouTube content creators.

1. Looks Matter
Some of them think that looks matter a lot to be a YouTube content creator. Not true, because all it matters is whether the person is adding value to the audience, is it something that is going to help the viewer/subscriber. Looks come secondary, which we can take care of by wearing the best dress that we love. In fact, wearing the best clothing will automatically increase our confidence.
When I started initially, I was not good at it, but still, I was getting the likes and subscribers because there was value addition.

2. Professional Video
Many of them think that we need to have a good DSLR camera, excellent editing skills to create professional videos. But you don’t need a highly professional video to be created.
When I started my journey of YouTube, I was taking videos using my cell phone, and the quality was just 480px, but still, videos were getting views reason was the content that had value in it. You can very well start by shooting videos using your smartphone or point and shoot camera; just ensure that you are shooting the video in a decent light. There are many editing software using which you can create high-quality videos.

3. Camera Phobia
I was not good in front of the camera when I started, I was nervous, I used to feel shy, I used to forget what I wanted to say. Since I was doing it regularly, I became better at it over time.
Every famous speaker, YouTuber, have gone through the same process. So, just start, over a period of time you will become best to speak, be it in front of the camera or even in front of 100’s of audience.
I was facing the same issue, so, I started practicing in front of the mirror, which helped me to see my body language, facial expression, and mistakes that I was doing. So you could very well follow this approach to get better at speaking in front of the camera.
Also, not all famous YouTubers come in front of the camera, for example, if you are making a craft video, then all it requires is to show how you are doing. But if its coaching or educating, then you got to be in front of the camera. So, identify the niche and check what best suits your channel. One advantage of being in front of the camera is your creating your personal brand, which is very important.

To summarize, it’s all about adding value to the audience, and rest takes the back seat. As we continue creating more and more content, we become better at all the above. So, just take the 1st step of creating the YouTube channel and uploading the videos. All the best!!
If you had any of these thoughts let me know, or do you think of any other Myths, then please do share I would love to know that.

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