Things That Changed My Life!!

Meet Sriram Benur The Dreamer

A Dream To Serve 1 Billion People By 2025

I am Sriram Benur an Author, YouTuber, Coach and Dreamer.

Vision: To serve 1 billion people by 2025 through my products and services.
Mission : To help 100,000 people to become YouTubers by 2021.

I am happy that you are here, I value your time as much as I value my time. I would take a couple of minutes to give you my background.

I was born in a small village in Karnataka, India. My father did his best to give me the best education which helped me to complete my engineering.

During my school and college days we faced a lot of financial challenges. With every incident and challenges that occurred, made me more determined, that once I start working, I will and must do everything to bring better lifestyle to my family. This was my only dream then, to see my parents not worry about money.

My father always used to say one thing, “Don’t struggle like me in life, get good education and lead a great life.”. These words still resonate in my ears.

In my 3rd year of engineering, I got campus recruited to a well known IT company “Accenture”. Being a Mechanical Engineer, I had to take this job for my financial needs because I did not have the liberty to wait to get placed into a company dealing with mechanical engineers. But I thanked God for this opportunity and started my new journey feeling very excited. This news of my first job offer got happiness and a bit of relief for my parents. It was like a bright sparkle in the dark night. I was super excited that all our financial challenges will come to an end soon.

Completing my education in Bangalore, I was first asked to report in Mumbai. I still remember the excitement, taking the King Fisher airlines to Mumbai. Unfortunately now, this flight does not operate anymore!!

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I knew more about nuts and bolts and nothing about “;”(For non IT people, this is one of the most important key in coding). So, there was a bit of a struggle for 4 to 6 months in my job. I had to be a fast learner to compete with the best IT engineers. I gave my best, and things started going well.

Within a year in my job, I was sent onsite. I started clearing my loans. But soon, I realized that this job alone cannot give me the lifestyle that I dreamt of. I started working on building other sources of income. I failed in multiple business ventures. But I learnt a lot from these failures. I had started a website which didn’t go well. Then I ventured into network marketing, which went well, and I earned a bit of money. This urged me to do something with the help of the internet. So, I started exploring options and felt YouTube could be a good option.

As a beginner in YouTube, there was no proper guidance on how to do it effectively. So, I made a lot of mistakes. There were many trial and errors and finally I learned how to do it right!! Soon I realized that many other people would be struggling like I did, so I started training people on how to earn money from YouTube with a step-by-step process. Training started from my home for my brother’s and my wife. Now, they are successful YouTubers with multiple channels. Then I started helping my neighbors and colleagues later started conducting workshops. I also wrote the book “YouTube-Earn money out of your passion” to help many other people.

At the peak of my corporate career, I resigned from the position of Manager in June 2019. It took me close to 13 years from the point I started my corporate Job to the lifestyle that I was dreaming of. Today I am giving the best life to my parents, my family with excellent financial and social security. We have constructed a house in my village for my parents. I am building a house in Bangalore, have a good car to travel around, and most importantly, I see a great smile on parent’s face and a sparkle in their eyes. There are no worries, and this was my dream!!

Everything changed with the help of YouTube in 3-4 years. So now, my mission is to help 100,000 committed people to be YouTube creators by 2021. Through “YouTube Creators” program, I bring in the best practices and the secrets in building a sustainable YouTube channel and earn great money in the shortest time possible!!

Thank you for reading, I genuinely value your time!!

Progress is important and

Perfection is always

a continues process!!

Having a Dream is the 1st step in Manifestation!!