Meet Sriram Benur

I am an Author, YouTuber, Coach and Dreamer.

Vision: To serve 1 billion people by 2025 through my products and services.
Mission : To help 100,000 people to become YouTubers by 2021.

I am happy that you are here, I value your time as much as I value my time. I would take a couple of minutes to give you my background.

I was born in a small village in Karnataka, India. My father did his best to give me the best education which helped me to complete my engineering.

During my school and college days we faced a lot of financial challenges. With every incident and challenges that occurred, made me more determined, that once I start working, I will and must do everything to bring better lifestyle to my family. This was my only dream then, to see my parents not worry about money.

The Mission

My Mission Is To Help 100,000 People Be YouTube Creators By 2021.

Through My YouTube Creator’s program, you can learn everything that is need for you to setup YouTube channel and earn money. I have been a YouTuber for more than 5 years and have trained 100’s of people to build YouTube channel, be it starting with creating a YouTube channel, editing a video, uploading, monetization every step till the money comes to your bank account!!

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